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SERVIS, SERVIS II and SERVIS RHIN design, build and manage installations and infrastructure for the river navigation under the brand name SERVIS.


SERVIS was established in 2014 by Yannick Paturel and Leo Beilmann in connection to the developing project at Caudebec-en-Caux. In reaction to the particular requirements of the individual river areas, the Rhône – Saône operating SERVIS II and SERVIS RHIN (with operations along the Rhine river) were founded in 2015 and 2018 respectively.
While regional and local authorities are facing significant budget constraints, SERVIS is able to formalize needs in order to meet the growing demand for infrastructure facilities to accommodate cruise ships, or to improve the conditions during their stay.
SERVIS maintains a close link to the company AGIS, a key-player for cruise ships on France’s inland waterways. SERVIS benefits from an in-depth knowledge of the industry’s stakeholders, operators, and the institutions of the river sector.
By acting as a genuine link between river managers, local authorities and ship owners, SERVIS is involved in projects from their onset until the commissioning of the fluvial port infrastructures and the day-to-day management of the associated services for ports of call with the support of consulting experts..

SERVIS missions include :

  • Provision of services for the river-bound transport,
  • Project management of infrastructure alongside rivers,
  • Services for passenger transport companies calling river ports,
  • The planning and implementation of navigation activities in the field of river passenger transport,
  • Implementing proper mechanisms to participate in the development of economic activities of the river-bound industry.

YP2Yannick PATUREL, the CEO, has a proven track record within the service and hospitality industry. Being a graduate of the French Institute of Management and a true entrepreneur, he joined AGIS in 2011, after having spent over 30 years in the French and international hospitality industry.


LB2Léo BEILMANN, the managing director, a true cornerstone of AGIS’ and SERVIS’ operations, benefits from expertise and strong relationships to all major stakeholders of the river cruise industry. Being trilingual (French-English-German), he has participated in numerous surveys and has successfully developed procedures to improve the operation of docks and associated services.



 SERVIS accompanies communities in the conception, realization and management of river infrastructure facilities.